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These fish are currently available for sale. Please contact us for ordering details.

SL10.JPG These two fish are Greenback Cutthroat trout. These trout are a threatened species found in streams on the Colorado Front Range. The top fish is displayed on black walnut, and the bottom one is displayed on red oak.

They are my most recent completions. I began to like the colors of the male cutthroat trout during breeding. I completed 5 of these and they are growing on me whenever I look at them. The other 3 are available at South Creek Limited in Lyons, Colorado.

Size (upper):10" h x 12" l
Size (lower):10" h x 16" l
Price (per fish): $400 US.
SL10.JPG This fish is a Brook Trout, commonly found in Colorado, displayed on red oak. These are not native and were originally imported from the Eastern United States. They are beautiful fish, but a strong competitor to our native cutthroat population. In some areas, the state fishing regulations require fishermen to keep any Brook Trout caught in order to aid the recovery of the native species.

Size: 10" h x 12" l
Price: $375 US.

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Work In Progress

These fish are carved and primed. They are waiting for their colors and finishing details to be applied.

Unfinished Rainbow This will be finished as Rainbow Trout. The base is black walnut.
Unfinished Brook This will be finished as a Brook Trout.
Unfinished Brown This fellow will turn into a Brown Trout.

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Completed Commissions

Steve will create a replica of your fish on a commission basis. Please contact us for additional details.

SL10.JPG This fish was a commissioned project of a Rainbow Trout. The customer caught this beauty in Colorado in a spot where only catch and release fishing was allowed. The customer provided a picture of the fish he caught (upper photo) and its length. The finished trout delivered to the customer is shown in the lower photo.

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